Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I like biting (._. )

[2:22:23 AM] No One: I would probably bite you
[2:22:25 AM] No One: i would bite you .
[2:22:26 AM] No One: :)
[2:23:05 AM] Texas: I'd get pretty turned on
[2:23:17 AM] No One: i like biting :(
[2:23:22 AM] No One: id also tie you up ;)
[2:23:28 AM] No One: but then i'd have ADHD and I'd forget...
[2:23:32 AM] No One: and you'd get angry (._. )
[2:23:35 AM] No One: and proabbly pretty hungry

No one listens.

no! you need to publish again I still follow it!!

I'll consider it.

please just write one happy poem?
for me

Just one.



is this going to be like last time?

What was last time?

you said you would write me a happy poem and it wasnt at all happy and the girl died

No. It won't be like that.

thank you



Title: I didn't listen.

Little Daughter – Holds no grudges / Dance pop-music – impress judges.

Picture-perfect - snap-shot faces / Distort the image - Bruise the pages.

Inner beauty – lost in transit / strip down naked – fame demands it.

Finger deeper – puke the fiction / tarnished smile – Who would listen?

Check the cell-count – 5th floor windows / Die from cancer – Mothers widowed

Flowers? Sobbing? Darkest clothing? / Empty graveyards – No one mourning

Scatter ashes – It's tradition! / Mind the question – who would listen?

Prideful son – He'll go to college / Graduation – Worthless knowledge.

Crippled dept – his student loan / rape the lungs – hang up the phone.

Life on track but hitting pot-holes / Snorted lines – prescription bottles

By the neck of his addiction / Kicked the chair cause who would listen?

Laid off husband – children bitter / Cull the livestock – Last through winter

Guilty conscience – failing liver / Gunshot echoes – One less sinner.

Broken homestead – Faith-failed Christian / Gotta wonder - Who would listen?

Tragic endings – total losers / fruitful lives or brighter futures?

Hug and kiss them – such a burden / skip the last act – close the curtain.

Starve the question – Who would listen? / Choke on answers – All forgiven.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katey_Sagal stop

[1:38:31 AM] No One: ugh. this bitch
[1:38:37 AM] No One: from futurama leela
[1:38:46 AM] No One: i wake up shes on the screen suns of anarchy
[1:38:52 AM] No One: i fucking went to bed with futurama last night
[1:39:01 AM] No One: i fucking come home after tripping its some fucking show where the voice of a racoon is her
[1:39:07 AM] No One: i go upstairs i glance up its fuckign sons of anarchy
[1:39:15 AM] Canada: The virgin suicides is actually the best movie ever, even though it has a dumb title
[1:39:17 AM] No One: if i wasn't on drugs i wouldnt even ask what this means but shit god damn why

getting down playlist

hahaha spotify has a "baby making play list"
[1:29:05 AM] No One: hahaha
[1:29:08 AM] No One: what even
[1:29:21 AM] No One: "click here to submit your best GETTING DOWN song ...submit your best thing for the play list blah blabha'
[1:29:22 AM] No One: hahahaa
[1:29:23 AM] No One: nigga no
[1:29:36 AM] No One: they "pick their favorites"
[1:29:42 AM] No One: bitch i dont need anyone to fucking tell me what to fuck to
[1:29:47 AM] No One: facist bullshit
[1:29:48 AM] Canada: Hahaha

New shoes new life.

New shoes means a new life. Move on.

Put the story here.

Park story

Place holder for the park ranger is about to lose her job story. Seriously.

LSD is illegal.

Commercials are hypocritical. They show slow-mo clips of the amazon and boots hitting mud and all these stunning visuals, little kids laughing in meadows, lens flair hits the fucking screen dress in slow-mo in the fucking wind.-- I mean market researched tried and true cliches you know EXACTLY what I mean. And like, they take that, sell it to you like that's their images...but it's the lie. It's the comsumerism behind that shit. You don't need their fucking product to give live and FEEL and see the way they want you to (with their product) watching their camericals ... I can't even spell taht word. Commercials. So no, don't buy the fucking raincoat because it looks cool and you want to feel happy like the commercial shows you...buy it if and only if you're wet because you're already there.

But at least America is in a point in time where the American dream has been so denigrated (oh god the fucking irony it has taken to get here to even use that word) that instead of idolizing and chancing the american Donald-Trump-trademarked-fucking-pipe-dream, that we've taken a step back and started to put the mountain man (no trade mark needed because in american common law you can't even copy write things in the public domain it's such an integral part of society) back on the pedestal. And that's pretty cool.

I wonder if I always spell this bad and just don't notice it because I'm so used to INSTANT (everything) spell check ...or what.

I'm trying to..... You know I can shake my hands at the fucking screen like that means anything, I can smile like you know what I mean, but we'll never put it into words.


"Enough!" Kelly screamed, smashing the crooked screen door shut. Small flakes of sky-blue paint rained down onto the rotted wood porch behind her. Her auburn hair flailed in the evening gusts as she marched away from the ranch. Freckles matted her flushed cheeks like patterns in the changing leaves.

Her stepfather’s rough voice chased her out like a poltergeist. "Git' yer ass back inside--I ain’t done talking to you!"

She wiped the sting from her eyes onto the sleeve of her favorite plaid flannel, and picked up her pace. It was unforgivable this time. Another porcelain promise of sobriety made in a house prone to earthquakes. Was it Hydro or Oxycodone this time? Xanax? Vicodin? The colored powder lines seared in Kelly’s mind like an afterimage of the sun. How dare Scott defend her mother. How dare he tell Kelly that she was to apologize. How dare he inhabit--no infest--the house her father had raised her in before the accident.

See, everyone else hated it and I refused to make even a single change.

Note/PSA to community: Value everyone's opinions, but don't make changes just because one person subjectively dislikes or didn't understand something. Both sides are equally correct. However, you can't please all the readers--seeking to satisfy any one given opinion based simply on them being 'first feedback' should not justify keeping or cutting any one sentence. Especially, the more abstract. Now, don't take this as a free license to ignore other's advice, because by all means most writing and shots at "profound" are just dreadful...and you should know it...but every so often, if you think you're onto something and not just grasping at straws-throwing darts blindly hoping for a bullseye... take a chance and keep it.

I'm sorry, I'm having a difficult time articulating congruent thoughts: to put into such concrete writing such thoughts of abstraction seems a task of monstrous impossibly.

Actually, the fact that you can put a modifier before impossible [an absolute] kind of self-defeats the meaning [an absolute impossible]. By presenting a modifier--no introducing (a better verb)--before an absolute is an absurdity. The absolute [impossible] can neither exist nor can it not exist (as it is already solidified in the vocabulary in both word and concept).There for by modifying an absolute, to be either more so [monstrously] or less so [slight] defeats the fact the core-principle of the word is still meant to be an absolute. Defined as Impossible. It cannot happen. If there is a slight chance it can, it is no longer impossible. So you can't modify it.

Point a --> b --> c ---> ??? --> Q?

Not congruent.

Keep LSD illegal.  The world doesn't need more of this nonsense. Too much entropy. I'm sorry.

Edit: Think about it. Seriously. You can't modify an absolute, not even to suggest it's MORE ABSOLUTE. The very act of saying it can be modified that direction implicitly means it can go the other way, and thereby paradoxically defeating the word.

Friday, October 17, 2014


I sent them feedback saying more or less the following verbatim.

"Search Bing" replacing the copy function is a joke. Stop trying to direct traffic to a failed project. Bing is awful. You and I both know that. Not every project is worth shoving down consumers throats. Just let it go. You're making a good program worse by diluting it with the failures of Bing. Google+ failed and in a similar capacity lost a huge chunk of their youtube traffic as a result of forcing sign ups. Don't make Skype users who utilize the chat function switch back to MIRC. I shouldn't have to even consider that, but if I right click where Copy and it lags my computer out opening up internet explorer to google whatever I'm trying to copy ONE MORE FUCKING TIME I AM UNINSTALLING.

Also, I uninstalled the mobile app, because let's face it..it is the worst fucking app ever.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

dicks sooooo

[1:21:04 AM] Canada: I would literally give a blowjob to a stranger and his ten friends if they would do my homework for me. im so over this
[1:21:17 AM] No One: what is your homework
[1:21:29 AM] No One: and im pretty sure you have classmates
[1:21:32 AM] No One: and some of them probably have dicks...
[1:21:45 AM] Canada: there are actually only 3 guys in my program, all with long term girlfriends
[1:21:46 AM] Canada: all kinda dumb
[1:21:49 AM] No One: ...so
[1:21:51 AM] No One: like i said...
[1:21:56 AM] No One: there are 3 guys in your program...
[1:21:59 AM] No One: all of whom have dicks
[1:22:00 AM] No One: so...


i need a shrink i dont even function anymore
[12:04:28 AM] No One: its october 16th
[12:04:32 AM] No One: i havent done shit with my life at all
[12:04:33 AM] No One: in months
[12:05:10 AM] No One: haha i found my friends ex girlfriend on tinder
[12:05:18 AM] No One: thankfully i have REALLY fast reflexes and hit no :)
[12:06:09 AM] Canada: haha
[12:06:20 AM] No One: i dont even feel like using tinder
[12:06:24 AM] No One: i dont feel like doing anything
[12:07:25 AM] Canada: I feel like sleeping, I wonder if I will get to sleep tonight
[12:08:02 AM] No One: i never want to sleep
[12:08:05 AM] No One: because then i wake up and its tomorrow

Thursday, October 9, 2014

This is a real article


top fucking kek hheiuheue queueue queiqeu yet another reason I will never have kids and if I do, they're being home school and taught to be sociopaths :)

Red Line. I'm so bitter I've been spinning my mind in smoking pavement circles.

my nigga

yo I hit you on skype
But yeah, my mom wants to know if you can run/drive over for a double bucks to walk my dog friday
also i have like a blister *IN* the tip of my tongue like wtf is this even
i can't even chew

for a what?
and dude, those suck so badly xD

double bucks lel
Actually, Trigun uses double dollars. You should get into anime.
It's awful D; don't even listen.


but also no real world rhymes with circle
like all these fake ass words

birkel like nigga that does not even look like a word


4:18 AM 

>insert really complex picture about physics.

im not even gonna try to understand that shit
i think the hardest i ever thought and studied sober was at the rock gym
trying to undersetand an advanced article in a science journal about femion particles
and their transitive electron states while in flux through a capcitor
or something like the classification of a something something fermion vs normal one
1-32 or 1-16 and each electron shell is less stable
so to have a super particle state of like 1-64 or whatever is super hard to reach in normal circumstances, but they like did it by making the electrons flow in a circle
and it was theorized that the magnetic field of itsself was somehow like quantum effecting the state of the same particle becase it's a circle or whatever
dude it was fucking nuts
i felt like einstine tripping down that rabbit hole
i still remember it like 3 years later and i dont even understand physics


some shit like that bro

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Jumping Is The Hardest. Play Bold. Make Mistakes.

Catatonic Finger Nails On My Neck.

SWED And we dripping days like wrist slits.

Smoke. Weed. Every. Day.

Wake up. 6 PM. Consider slitting wrists and quickly brush it aside because I'm not a suicide risk and I'm just being a pussy. Abstract thoughts turn tangible and yeah I'm definitely off my rocker.

Oh right, I'm still in bed?

Anyone else wonder what it would be like to be me? Don't.

Drip drip clock still ticking.

wander downstairs. Skip whatever meal it's supposed to be.

get on computer. Think about writing. Fail.

start durdling the internet.

Think about how much of a loser I am and too terrified to change it (thanks anxiety).

Get 'sad' (numb i'm sure y'all relate)

Glance at clock. Wow it's 10 PM

Parents go to sleep. Why do I live at home?

12 AM smoke weed

If you read about me in a paper I wonder what the diagnostics prognosis would be for a happy life probably terminal. I'd marry fatalism just to change my name so people could empathize. Wake up wake wake up wake up over and again same thing same thing AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN repetition never made sense of it.

3 AM think I'm being productive. I'm not. Think about law school and the overwhelming ...overwhelmingness of FUCKING LAW SCHOOL. give up and resolve to be a loser. not bother to even check gramamr on posts on internet.

bitch to strangers

yeah that's productive.

Sleep 7 AM. I hate my life.

How many others out there in a similar situation? 22 years old still too smart and too stupid and scared for my own good.

read my fucking comment history, I can't even keep my shit straight.

I want some downvotes it's what my head feels like. Everything is lyrical nothing is colorful and these metaphor are wearing me thinner than my skin my skin is crawling. Probably Charli Manson.

I'm lit off some other shit.

What has life become.


Canada didn't email me.

its still raining.

were you going to go outside for something?

I just want ramen noodels and the rain keeps reminding me of that man

Because you have to boil the ramen noodles in water?

Nah dude because I'm really high.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

First $ Album


So I just bought my first album with online monies. I'm high as shit in a great mood and remembered this random dude who honestly was barely on the list of EP's I have been meaning to buy and support the artists. Now that I have 45 bucks to spend, I just randomly thought of his song, put it on (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx97uOUAaYY&list=RDB0onnnvz__o&index=27) and then looked up more of his music because it wasn't on Spotify and then found a bandcamp link and just said "fuck it he deserves it". This kid was born in 1996. Like pshhh whhat!?

Canada Bummed my high

One must imagine Sisyphus happy -- Camus

Stupid emo kid :( 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Phone Money

[12:48:13 AM] Nick: I still haven't gotten another phone :P
[12:49:19 AM] No One: why
[12:50:22 AM] Nick: I don't know, actually
[12:50:27 AM] Nick: I wouldn't mind having one
[12:55:45 AM] No One: Word.
[12:55:47 AM] No One: Get one
[12:55:51 AM] No One: They're not even that expensive
[12:56:05 AM] No One: start dealing drugs to get money
[12:56:16 AM] No One: or troll baiting people for amazon gift cards
[12:56:41 AM] No One: or publish poetry or erotica or but tables on craigslist and paint them and sell them again
[12:57:57 AM] Nick: I think maybe I should combine all of the above
[12:58:01 AM] No One: uhh
[12:58:17 AM] No One: Dealing erotic tables on craiglist?
[12:58:26 AM] No One: #THATSAHOTTABLE


Friday, October 3, 2014

I'm Crutching Canada.

I have enough beer, weed, and pain killers to put myself (probably literally) into a coma. To be honest, I've been fucked up everyday for the last week. It's really bothering me. I don't want to crutch with this shit, but I'm just not happy.


Alone on a Saturday writing smut. -sigh-


3:37 AM (3 hours after writing this I think idk)

I was just told "Your titles are shit" and I was like "Wow I'm stupid" SO i have to start over. I'd link them here, but I'd doxx myself.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Smoke parking tickets everyday.

Get this. Their fucking server is down. No, I'm serious. THE FUCKING SERVER TO FIGHT A FUCKING TICKET IS DOWN!!! Fuck NYC. Seriously.

Dispute copy/pasted verbatim for 3 tickets issued 9/20/2014.

>00000000 -- NO PARKING: STREET CLEANING (no officer notes)


>780000000000-3 -- FAILURE TO DISPLAY MUNI REC

We're recent college graduates from out of town. We don't exactly have the money to pay these tickets (it's WAY MORE than either of us can afford by a substantial margin) and we believe two of the three were issued over zealously (possibly falsely).

That said,

1. We got a parking ticket, which we also believe was given falsely along with the ticket for "No Muni Rec Displayed". We don't understand this ticket. Why is it doubled up? We didn't have a ticket, therefor we were parked illegally? Are these fundamentally two different concepts? Does not having a sticker make it illegal, or is it being asserted that we were illegally parked + didn't have a sticker. If we did have a sticker, would the "illegal" parking then become legal and vice versa? Basically, if you park illegally anyway, why does it matter if you print off a ticker (which we didn't even know you had to do, nor was it clearly marked, nor have we ever encountered such a system).

On this evidence, we ask that you dismiss ticket


2. We visited from out of town. Way out of town. It's a 3 hour drive one direction + tolls for us to fight this in court. We're not residents and honestly didn't know to even look for a "printed municipal parking printer" system. It was a very stressful drive, we just wanted to park and get to sleep (took over an hour to find parking over a mile from destination). We stayed in NYC at a friends house for 1 night and woke up to these parking tickets. We didn't park anywhere we thought would block traffic, block a fire hydrant, or any other overtly obvious/marked no parking areas. Again, we also believe the ticket(parking) was given over-zealously, and perhaps falsely.

3. The time and effort it's going to take to fight this in court is vastly greater than the amount you seek to collect. We don't believe the court system should be used to prosecute offenses like this. We're small town residents. Driving all the way back to NYC to contest these tickets in a court of law would be extremely burdensome. Also, presumably, we would have to take time off of work (Center For Disability Services--It's very difficult to take time off, given the supervision needed for the residents of the home).

4. Ticket: 7000000004-0 inspection sticker expired. The only evidence we have against this is to politely ask for dismissal. We were unaware (we don't drive much and never very far) that the inspection had expired, but we're now in the process of getting it fixed within the week when funds are available (hopefully soon).

All in all, everything you're reading here is exactly the evidence we would bring to court (Notwithstanding proof of new inspection sticker which will be within the week/prior to driving to court in the city should it come to that). We're politely asking that these (3) tickets be dismissed. There was no harm done to the community, nor any safety violations we're aware of. We simply didn't know you couldn't park where we parked, and using all of our best judgement and context clues (many other cars parked in front of us), didn't believe we were in violation of any parking zones. It would be extremely burdensome for us to drive back for court, costing tolls, GAS, and time off work. We believe the costs incurred by BOTH PARTIES in this matter still outweigh the cost being sought to collect.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. Hopefully, this matter can be resolved by dismissing these three tickets.


Few mistakes, bit redundant, a bit passive aggressive. We'll see....

"Did I just invent this or was this already and invention?"



Death Karts. NORTH KOREA.

Bloodeye'd Baby Susan's, growing from a root. Donner Blitzon Prancer.

 Play them from a flute. 

Caress the neck with a garrote, spill blood out like a wine. 

Harvest time came early, sew your crops until they shine. 

Concubines' soft fingers, snapped--DRY Octopi

Heavens Gate Remembers. Milk mans' asking WHY(?)

O--pi---um's Dialectic. Chakrah in your tea.

Opalescence transferred protocol, drowning in the sea.

Meta-ling Kids Made Metal. Made metal counted three.

Voices having after thoughts. Knights who can't be he. 

~~~----___    ~~~~------_____

Lick ocean currents of color. Rainbow tragedy's.

Drown me at a funeral, a tuxedo dressing agony. 

Kiss the ground of pumpernickel, dollar short through thick and fickle. 

Shark pool lovers twirl around, flip the switch from upside down. 

Day time laughter, resolute. Dr. Seus's Tranbaloot. 

Hippy hoppy little froggy. Whiskers, long-urs, LITTLE BOBBY.

Chain mesh crystals kick the bin. Snackcarts gocarts set to win. 

Gymnast, ransacked dynasty's. Handmebackfor bribery. 

Assault pavement. North Korea. Denmark, Lighthouse, Diarrhea 

Torture, Torchwounds, Holocaust. Jack be quick Delight. 

5th World Open Poetry. Kiss the mic goodnight.