Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 years song was stuck in my head lol

Bass Nectar mixed this into a set 3 years ago and it's been stuck in my head since then. I could never find the Bass Nectar song...because it wasn't Nectar. Fuck.

That leaves just one other song out there...wait 2. One I know is in a Nobody Beats The Drum set. The other I haven't the faintest fucking clue who it's by. I don't even know the lyrics just the tune. 3 years tho

Thursday, April 10, 2014

#{Myrealname}sSaga (so says Kyle)

Yo. Some random fucking lady showed up at my house and was like "Saydee was loose ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ" and I was like "..." suddenly a large blacklab bursts into my house and starts going ape shit with actual Saydee and they're like sniffing each other and fucking Saydee gets spooked and runs outside and this other random fuckup dog runs around my house into the bird room and starts barking and refuses to leave so now I'm chasing this dog out of my house and then Saydee runs back up and sees the dog and they both go running back respectively and i'm like SHIT SHIT WHOS FREAKING DOG IS THIS ANYWAY and the lady is like "OMG I AM SO SORRY" and im like "J-JUST GET SAYDE!" and then I put a leash on this random fucker and booted it out finally and Saydee is like running around near the cars and shit and FINALLY goes in through the garage....So now this lady has my leash and some whack ass dog and shit and Saydee is still spooked. WTF


Just under 20 minutes of sketching at trivia between rounds.

Bar Trivia

>Context irrelevant

[9:26:24 AM] No One: were you drunk...?
[9:27:36 AM] No One: I certainly was. I passed out last night. The bar trivia guy made the mistake of making fun of me/us for losing. "The Jews" as we called our team, only had 7 points where everyone else had about 18-25 going into round 3 of 5 (he asks 10 questions you write the answers). He's like "are you guys retarded?" and I was like "bitch please I'm straight husstl'n" and he's like "You haven't gotten a single one of these correct you're just guessing" and I'm like "Son. Wait for the Politics double points round. You made a huge mistake making that the double bonus round. When shit gets real, I'll bet you no one else here knows even half as much about the real world. Shove your 90s sitcoms up your ass."
[9:28:03 AM] No One: I was right. I got 9 of 10 correct (Forgot Reagan's middle name...) and even beat out of the cheaters who googled everything on their phones in the tie breaker because I knew the Challenger exploded in 86' and not 1995...
[9:28:43 AM] No One: So we ended up laughing and shit talking everyone else for only knowing T.V Trivia and other ...well trivial BULLSHIT, where as we fucking killed it in the >shit that actually matters category and the next category too (Biology) because my brother and his friend are both Bio/Chem.
[9:28:54 AM] No One: We were fucking wasted because we (2 people) had 2 pitchers of beer.
[9:29:00 AM] No One: I am still majorly hung over.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Update son.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


No idea how it started or when. Just did. Rules evolved.

Get a D20 (twenty sided dice)

Rule 1. Don't be a bitch

Rule 2. Come up with something to do and a number (e.g roll a 5 run outside naked).

Rule 3. You come up with the rule you roll first.

Rule 4. As soon as the number is rolled, no one else has to roll

Rule 5. There is no official order. Just fucking roll when you have the damned dice.


Rule 7. No passes (see rule 8)

Rule 8. Roll 20 TWICE in one 24 hour period you get one pass.

We've had some ridiculous stuff with this in the last 5 years.


Ah yes, NoOneSpecial. Your favorite friendly neighborhood misanthropic anarchist.
It's AprilFools mother fucker. Shit is going down.

hi Canada. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

April fools day prep. Should have used .GIF Camera...

Lel .GIF Camera...Hi Canada. Glad you're not dead. 

Me to Brother: blbabllabla my plans for April Fools day.
Brother: don't [do that to me]
Me: lel remember we got mom with the 'invisible salt shaker for 10 seconds' trick? me and nick just died fucking laughing oh my god
Brother's GF: wut
Brother: *Explains this*

GF: *mad skeptical* I don't get it how that works bla lba lbalbla
Brother: Just do it.
>Insert argument about recording it
Me: {brother} just throw me the damn phone
>Actually thinks I'm trying to help the situation
>Not on her side lel
Me: See, I'll even put the phone on the table mad far away from me. I wont touch me
GF: >Actually does it

Me: *Takes picture...WITH MY PHONE* (her eyes are shut)

It's been about 10 minutes -- She still hasn't figured this out. They're still talking about it.

>Discuss plans loudly with parents near by so they'll know the plan on purpose.
>Huehue I'm gonna soak a sponge in red / yellow food color dye
>Put sponge in top part of toilet in the water so when flushed they think its still dirty.
>YFW the real plan was to put a live eel in the top so when they go to foil my plan, they activate my trap card.
>MFW the Chinese woman wouldn't sell me a live eel. >:[
>TFW :( 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014

[3:54:23 AM] WeTexasNow: movie isnt gonna keep me up.
[3:54:31 AM] WeTexasNowNigga: im falling asleep.
[3:54:39 AM] No One: Didn't I say that originally?
[3:54:47 AM] No One: ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ
[3:54:50 AM] WeTexasNowNigga: shut up
[3:54:58 AM] WeTexasNowNigga: you stay up all the time, what do you do?
[3:55:12 AM] No One: I proof edit stuff mostly, I write a lot and I read and I try to beat 2048.
[3:55:13 AM] No One: :)
[3:55:19 AM] WeTexasNowNigga: besides you know, get drunk.
[3:55:48 AM] No One: The above, plus I actually got some school work done. I'm also finishing my draft of 'Schizophrenic' EP and a few other things.
[3:55:51 AM] No One: So you know, nothing.
[3:55:54 AM] No One: ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ
[3:55:56 AM] No One: ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ
[3:55:58 AM] No One: ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ
[3:55:59 AM] No One: ʅ(◔◡◔✿)ʃ

Saturday, March 15, 2014

[3:21:43 AM] No One: I went to this party
[3:22:11 AM] No One: 3 girls 9 guys. The girls out weighed the guys. One was drunk and being loud and obnoxious and whoring for attention trying to start trip pong even though no one even wanted to play
[3:22:17 AM] No One: 1 girl asked if a vaporizor made water from the air... and the other stared crying when her ex called
[3:23:54 AM] No One:  Then this happened "ALRIGHT!! EVERYONE TELL THEIR BEST SEX STORY!!"

"Their what -.-"

"OKAY SHH SHH!! (shushing literally 10 other people...) OKAY BEST SEX STORY!! OKAY SO I WAS IN THE BACK OF-"

"Yo...are we in fucking 10th grade? Seriously, shut the fuck up."

[3:24:35 AM] No One: Then she got all pissy at me and I'm like "This is a college fucking house party not a girl's sleep over."
[3:24:40 AM] No One: we left extremely shortly after

Thursday, March 13, 2014

hashtagyolo420blazeitdropthebass. ((ALSO THIS FORMATTING...JUST...WUT?))


that's cool about the editing tho. it's so much work, man. I edit little fuckin essays with my opinions on shit and it takes me 3 hours. I would die from the intimidation of having a books worth of material in front of me. Wait... I already do. lol. I don't even attempt it. At least not yet

It gets worse. These are the top two on /r/Cringe IN A ROW

I write papers in 3 hours--I got in an argument recently with someone about not needing to write and that it DOES COME NATURALLY TO SOME...but I ended up kinda proving myself wrong (half at least).

dude... like... both of these people are annoying me right now, haha. still watching..

Ann Coulter tho

I have friends who are legit more active when they're high.

I'm one of them. I just don't smoke often.
Not for any good reason, just economically speaking it's not viable.

my one dude cleaned his whole house when he was high, then the next day he was like "holy shit I was so high" lol

I also live at home and respect the 'don't be a lazy pot head' rule -shrug- When I move out, I'm HASHTAGYOLOSWAG420DROPTHEBASSBLAZEITFAGGOT

I wrote the entire first draft of my resume in costa rica and applied for 3 internships.

On the flipside, if I smoke too much...I'll play you the recording like tomorrow. It's fucking ridiculous. I get the classic high voice and everything. DISCLAIMER TO THE NSA/FBI/FUTURE EMPLOYERS THIS IS ALL A FICTIONAL ACCOUNT OF MY HYPOTHETICAL LIFE.



You should have seen me trying to fucking play Diablo 3. I was running AWAY from Nick and Jamie because I was like "No ...guys !!! no we'll die! nooo! pls there are demons and wait ...let's go THIS WAY!!!"

It's more or less the same for me. The only reasons I don't do a bunch of shit that I would otherwise is because I live with my mom, don't have a good job yet, and don't have my own car.

But it forces you to follow party leader (._. ) so I was basically running tredmill off the screen crying laughing (literally) to the point I actually just put the controller down and rolled over on my back and played with the fuzz on a blanket for about 15 minutes.

I take it u mean u smoked a lot in costa rica?

No, very very little and it was shit weed on the beach with two dudes I'd never met.
I'll write a short story on it (I probably have already on reddit but on a throwaway) and post it on my 'blog'

ohhh. wait. so did u mean u were more... er... I'm trying to understand why u mentioned costa rica and how productive u were, lol

I don't smoke often. I was in Costa Rica and blazed it with two totally random dudes I'd never seen before.
and they spoke no English