Monday, December 15, 2014

Starting tomorrow I'm going to keep a list of what I learn each day (3 major things) [3]

Today I didn't really learn or can't remember what I learned, but here are some fun things:

  • I am far weaker and far stronger than I give myself credit for.

But I am quickly becoming self aware.

  •  I think in a similar form to that of a spinning snowflake. 

Branching fractal thoughts until it gets too small and I hop back to the center of the spinning snowflake and follow the next thought down the path. (It's not a worm hole--it's a fractal snowflake and you can follow it almost endlessly down relating things into metaphysical levels eventually and you will eventually come to the only logical conclusion that "ALL IS ONE". It could take a very long time to get there. Drugs help you fast forward that. I'm rambling.

  • I have never (until now) build a friendship backwards.
 I think it should be like any other friendship. Not everyone will make a good friend and it should not be forced and there is no reason to feel guilty about that. Nothing of real value was lost and both parties mutually already gained. All well in the universe. Unless you're totally insane and have cancer and a two year old and no husband and you're only 21 and your kidney is already shutting down for a second time after a transplant. So I mean unless you're that chick you're doing pretty well. I'm not happy Canada :( it's very depressing. but also read my first and second bullet. I know what I'm doing.

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Really we're all just rocks trying float when dropped in a river. We all sink, but maynbe that's okay. It's beautiful and we like it down here even though we dont all get along and thier are different sizes coliors shapes of rocks. The river of life. [8]
[2:06:51 AM] No One: i care too much about stuff
[2:07:00 AM] No One: but disproportionally.

I'm never even like this either. With anything. I care so much about stuff, but just disproportionately to anything worth actually caring about.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Science & Pharmacology behind "illegal" drugs.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I am not a good motivator.

[2:18:36 AM] Canada: motivate me to study
[2:20:22 AM] No One: if you dont apes will find your lazy ass
[2:20:57 AM] Canada: if only you were here to play strip studying with me. for every right answer i get youd take off a piece of clothes
[2:21:55 AM] No One: id be naked
[2:21:58 AM] No One: rolling around distracting you
[2:22:20 AM] No One: id probably be throwing socks and grabbing at your hair like a toddler

Draft of New Years Resolutions

[1:57:01 AM] Canada: whats your new years resolution going to be
[1:57:24 AM] No One: i have made many
[1:57:29 AM] No One: i need to make a bullet list
[1:57:31 AM] No One: but it invovles stuf like
[1:57:35 AM] No One: * be more outgoing
[1:57:40 AM] No One: * Less jugemnetal (already doing this)
[1:57:42 AM] No One: * Make DMT
[1:57:45 AM] No One: * not loan any more money to ANYONE
[1:57:52 AM] No One: * Stop taking sex seriously
[1:57:54 AM] No One: * work harder
[1:58:20 AM] Canada: those are pretty good
[1:58:52 AM] No One: there is a lot more
[1:59:52 AM] No One: yours?
[2:02:15 AM] Canada: stop eating shit and lose 15 pounds
do more yoga and more meditation
read more books, watch less Netflix
drink water everyday
[2:03:11 AM] No One: baad
[2:03:12 AM] No One: hhalf bad
[2:03:21 AM] No One: do you need to lose weight?
[2:03:24 AM] No One: or are you just being absurd
[2:04:19 AM] Canada: well. that is quite the question.  i guess it depends on who you ask. do i need to lose weight for health reasons? no. do i want to lose weight because i was literally never over 104 lbs my whole life until two years ago and i feel uncomfortable? yes
[2:05:06 AM] No One: no
[2:05:06 AM] No One: thats bad
[2:05:10 AM] No One: you know its bad
[2:05:21 AM] No One: you put it on that list specifically so i can tell you its bad
[2:05:35 AM] No One: then your ego will argue with your subconscience for control
[2:05:40 AM] No One: win its had more practice you will lie to e
[2:05:40 AM] No One: me
[2:05:46 AM] No One: get all defensive like nah its a good idea
[2:05:48 AM] No One: it'll make me happy
[2:05:49 AM] No One: blah
[2:05:54 AM] No One: but deep down you know its bad
[2:05:57 AM] No One: pathologically
[2:06:20 AM] Canada: why is it bad? its not like i'd be ill at that weight
[2:06:28 AM] Canada: fine ill change it. i want to get more in shape
[2:06:32 AM] Canada: there, better?
[2:06:36 AM] No One: yes
[2:06:47 AM] Canada: and btw I used to want to be 88 lbs so consider this a significant improvement
[2:06:50 AM] No One: i will sit here all night psychoanalyzing you if  i have to
[2:06:54 AM] No One: i do
[2:06:58 AM] No One: but i dont consider it victory
[2:07:01 AM] No One: but an improvement yes
[2:07:02 AM] No One: :)
[2:07:04 AM] No One: i am wise
[2:07:20 AM] No One: [4]


[1:19:47 AM] Someone: "loving you is easy" vs now "Loving you is fucking impossible so fuck buddies is what we'll be"
[1:19:49 AM] Someone Else: lol
[1:20:04 AM] Someone: differnece now is i can't brag :(
[1:20:29 AM] Someone Else you are a grown ass adult you don't need to brag about who you are fucking
[1:20:44 AM] Someone You seem to have us guys figured out pretty well don't you.
No One

Monday, December 8, 2014

[5:13:59 AM] Canada: im sleepy
[5:14:23 AM] No One: sleep :)
[5:14:33 AM] No One: im gonna sleep so cozzy
[5:14:49 AM] No One: i want nothing more than to wake up to a text from [redacted crazy person] saying "I'm feeling great today. I took my pills. You should come over. my kid isn't ehre"
[5:14:54 AM] No One: that would be awesome
[5:15:04 AM] No One: it'll oproably be more like my phone fucking trys to reset
[5:15:08 AM] No One: because of hte forced update
[5:15:17 AM] No One: vibrates and i get confused because i forget that it vibrates
[5:15:24 AM] No One: then check messages nothing from no one
[5:15:34 AM] No One: still half asleep i smile and text kirtsen goodmorning such a bad idae
[5:15:42 AM] No One: 2 hours later i wake up again after watching 12 minutes of netflix
[5:15:57 AM] No One: [redacted crazy perosn] texts back "how many times did I show him the purple toy again?"
[5:16:02 AM] No One: or some other lunatic shit again
[5:16:14 AM] No One: and i say "Goodmorning [redact crazy person nick name]" thinking (wow you crazy fucking bitch)
[5:16:26 AM] No One: Then i roll overa nd struggle to plug my phone in to the charger and get angry and knock my water bottle over by mistake
[5:16:37 AM] No One: and then i just say fuck it but i get really annoyed by my sheets are riding up
[5:16:51 AM] No One: i resolve to rolling over and going back to bed and trying again in a fewhours
[5:16:57 AM] No One: repeat ad nasuem

woah [7.5]

[3:11:51 AM] Canada: so i am considering sending naked pics to my ex
[3:11:53 AM] Canada: it disappeared
[3:12:01 AM] No One: you should send them to me :)
[3:12:03 AM] No One: not him
[3:12:07 AM] No One: because he will cause problems
[3:12:11 AM] No One: and i only might cause problems.
[3:12:16 AM] No One: so it's like 100% vs 50%
[3:12:17 AM] No One: :)
[3:12:18 AM] Canada: ill just send it to everyone
[3:12:22 AM] No One: :)
[3:12:27 AM] No One: That's a iidea (wait)
[3:12:29 AM] No One: bad*
[3:12:45 AM] Canada: why
[3:12:55 AM] No One: I don't know. Society tells us that it is
[3:13:04 AM] No One: but no knnows why it's just a social taboo
[3:13:06 AM] No One: baseless taboo
[3:13:10 AM] Canada: fuck society
[3:13:12 AM] Canada: i don't even care
[3:13:18 AM] No One: like oh no we CANT LOOK AT YOU NAKED
[3:13:19 AM] No One: OH NO D:
[3:13:22 AM] No One: you are evil
[3:13:25 AM] No One: burn in helll
[3:13:27 AM] No One: die bitch
[3:13:31 AM] No One: like people are so evil
[3:13:38 AM] No One: like so what a girl sends pictures
[3:13:43 AM] No One: yo fuck society straight up.

Friday, December 5, 2014

There are some people who are always on your mind...

And they pop back up and you just can't say hey. :(

Innocent 19 year old girls

[2:35:47 PM] Canada: she's cute only in that wholesome i wanna corrupt her kinda way
[2:35:53 PM] No One: exaclty
[2:35:57 PM] No One: idk if i want to do that
[2:36:04 PM] No One: she seems like she should date a guy who isn't even sure if he's straight
[2:36:05 PM] No One: you know?
[2:36:11 PM] Canada: hahhahah YES

culture [5]

Everyone has different cultural norms and values

we spend so long trying to prolong our miserable lives.

China: Belief in discipline and solidarity through uniformity. Lineage. Lesser Tradition. Story telling (morals and great adventures)

Japan: Elderly care --> Ancestry. Respect of elder (years as hierarchy). Discipline through routine. Seriousness. Value of the strange and bazar (it's not that they are so weird, they just embrace the kinks and stuff Americans are so fearful of). Lesser Tradition. Story telling with superstition (mythology for lack of better term).

Italy Spain: Food. Status. Head of house.  Art and poetry. Culture. Reminiscence.
Israel: Strength through demeanor. Celebrations. Tradition.

South Africa: Intellect. Strength. Ancestry. Story telling.
Brazil: Sports (physical games in general). Beauty. Family. [Closer to latino]
America: Wealth. Status. Power. Pseudo-freedom. False flag and linage
East Coast:
West Coast:

Russia: Strength through demeanor. "toughness". No bullshit. Solidarity through pride.

Latin America:
Family. Celebration. Food. Tradition. Lesser story telling
French: Culture through food and music art language. Elitism. Pseudo-Intellectualism. Sex.
Thialand: Food. Sense of humor. Sarcasm. Ability to shift between goofy and serious on a dime. Lesser tradition.
Native American: Respect. Equality. Tradition. Spiritualism.

Canada: Liberalism. Open mindedness etc.
East Europe / Amsterdam etc. Intellectualism (real). Fun. Elitism (but it's fact). Minimalism.

Middle East: Power. Tradition. Devotion. Elitism. Reclusive.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

emtions memory [8.2]

we try to compartmentalize and think about our emotions as one thing "emotions" but truthfully, we only think that way because the language evolved that way. maybe a bit of both. sO BASICALLY, we think of all these many many many unrelated (or very loosely related -- or maybe only related BECAUSE we think of them as related) things as something of the same construct...what if "Happy" isn't the "opposite" of sad. What if they're not even related and can't or shouldn't be compared like Apples and Skeleton-Elephants. instead of apples (happy) oranges (sad) maybe its the other way around.
And what if..."muscle/motor memory" and "Memory memory" are more like "muscle cheese burgers and Memory memory". Just totally unrelated stuff. We just haven't thought outside the box enough to realize this.
Also words are crazy. it means you invent a sound our bodies make that evokes the exact same picture of emotion in another human being's mind as in yours (or similar enough--emotional stuff subjective and that might be judged against people's subjective unconsciousness minds). So like i say TIGER and you have matched that word (via pictures you've seen or pictures formed based on words to describe this new short cut sentence / description of noun or any other part of speech)...
I'm sorry, I've been trying to compare my [8] to a [6] but like I realized every high is more than 2-D. There is a 3D element to all things and most of us just think in 2D (myself included). So what if my high today shouldn't even be compared to other types of weed highs in terms of "how high" but really many different criteria. How the fuck are we going to sort all? This?
[8.2] very clear headed body / and shifted perception high. Yes. That is it.
Freud is right we want to fuck our moms. Think about it. A lot of us are attracted to similar qualities of ourselves and those most familiar to us...only natural that mom meets that double criteria. Therefor, in an indirect way, we sorta want to fuck our moms.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Aww you silly little anarchist :3

waste of an hour writing this.....For those who remember the good old days when I'd get drunk and rant...well, now I just blaze it and rant

The Average American Citizens can be thought of as a Blind Sheppard. The Blind Sheppard will assert that holding a strong opinion potentiates failure. This increasingly prominent dynamism has led us like sheep to malaise and dissonance in both of the work force, and our overall spirit of happiness.

I'll bet I've already lost the interest of the majority by using the word "spirit", regardless of the context.

We have allowed those who would seek to enslave us to pervert the core of society's integral and founding principles so exactly, that we now survive by subsistence alone in an increasingly apologist world. No longer is the propaganda of yestergeneration needed. The fear has been sewn so carefully into the fabric of American society that one need only look to their own actions.

Here is an example:

"Be careful what you say. A POTENTIAL employer MAY someday read it!"

Is this to suggest that we as citizens should hideaway—closet each and every opinion like a skeleton? We have been lead to feel inherent guilt for our thoughts, just because someone else finds them to be disagreeable. Disagreement is transgressed and translated to contempt. Therefore, says the Blind Sheppard, all thoughts not meeting society's corner padded "moral standards" must be repudiated. The hive mind must remain above reproach for society to function. The zeitgeist and implicit fabric thereof depends on just that.

How many knee-jerked while reading the example to say "But that's good advice! Some things are stupid and better left unsaid! DUHHHHHHHhhhhhHhHhHhhh!!!!1oneone"

Whilst a concession can be made that "watching what you say" isn't implicitly bad advice, the potentiality of a "lost job" should not be the driving factor behind silencing opinions, nor do I believe fear as a motivator should be applied to any facet of life that isn't strictly a life or death matter. The axiom of condemnation should not itself stem from ignorance or fear.

People will often quote FDR, but how many of them truly understand the root of the axiom?
Unfortunately, that self-serving cycle is today the mainstay of American morality.

Fifty years ago, if I were to say "I do not support gay marriage" or "I DO support science being utilized to create better, more abundant, objectively healthier food" I would be praised by the collective majority. However, today, we see both of these issues flipped on their heads. Fear of the unknown is the driving factor in both cases in one form or another.

"The history of human growth and development is at the same time the history of the terrible struggle of every new idea heralding the approach of a brighter dawn. In its tenacious hold on tradition, the Old has never hesitated to make use of the foulest and cruelest means to stay the advent of the New, in whatever form or period the latter may have asserted itself."  -- Emma Goldman's 1910 Anarchist Essays.

Today, if I say either of those things, "anti-gay marriage" , "Pro-GMO foods", I would "risk a potential employer seeing that in the future" or risk "offending a minority" or I risk starting a "pointless" argument and "you shouldn't do that" or worse still, "someone might sue you!" This disgusts me. The subversion of logic in favor of mental shortcuts and alleviation inevitably leads to condemnation, and the cycle continues. And the worst part? As a general rule, anti-intellectualism is on the rise. It is becoming the norm to knee-jerk.

The notion that an argument, sentiment, or idea, however abstract or controversial can be held false (not to be confused with disagreeable) just because other's say it should be held false is an absurdity. That opinions should be discarded, or silenced, no matter how valid, just because the majority says so is tragic. Worst of all is the notion that it is somehow an American's civic duty, based on little more than pavlonian compulsion, to "fix" or change those contrary opinions.

Person 1: Wow. That guy looks like an idiot with his pants hanging under his butt. Ha ha!
Person 2: ha ha. What a fool!

But, change one minor detail...

Person 1: Wow. That guy looks like an idiot with his pants hanging under his butt. Ha ha!

Person 2: Dude...what the fuck?
Person 1: What?...What did I say?
Person 2: That's fucking racist, dude. You can't just say that shit...Wow. You're an asshole.

This type of hypocritical egalitarianism is ignorance incarnate. It serves only to entrench already stagnant and ill conceived social norms and this principle can be applied to endless examples in day to day life. Further exemplifying this principle, in a more sinister capacity, is the notion of McCarthyism that we see today reborn in the form of labeling dissidents as "terrorists" or "traitors".

Still today, for all the talk of "progress" and "liberalism" it is tends to be self proclaimed liberals that are the first to attack. If one does share their opinion with a liberal, they will undoubtedly be met by the knee-jerk fear mongering and the ignorant shit spewing I have been discussing. Their God fucking forbid I support logical food choices (GMO's) or economically savvy choices (Fracking) or hold entrenched beliefs about welfare and taxes and letting everyone rot. Basically, any "controversial" issue these fools like to put buzzwords on, without actually understanding the arguments.

I wonder, how many among them are already preparing rebuttals to my hypotheticals?

 It strikes me as ironic that it is often those who are (superficially) the most well intentioned that actively seek out, or worse, create injustices where there are none. And here we have both sides of the coin--the culmination of absolute subservience to a slave driving master, forever locked against those who (generally to self gratifying ends) seek to free themselves through the easiest means possible. I.E mainstream, majority proclaimed morality and justice. These "social justice warriors" serve only to further polarize issues they care about, and further alienate others due to their aggressive condemnation, or lack of logic. The same can be said of any zealot and increasingly Americans are just that--zealots to ignorance.

Freedom of thought has been abolished, or rather willfully neglected in favor of cowardice and apathy. Hugely complex issues are boiled down to their lowest common denominators (often through the lens of bias) and are subsequently regurgitated and accepted as implicit truth by the masses. Surely, these less taxing schools of thought (cowardice and apathy) are superior to alternatives, says the Blind Sheppard. Ignorance of course, is bliss.

Even the self proclaimed "liberals" and "intellectuals" (Read also: edgy teens wearing Fedoras or middle aged white narcissists) among us wave the flag of hypocrisy proudly without the introspective means or will power to realize it. Even the "liberals" brandish their righteous indignation like a weapon, espousing their rhetoric in form of vitriol and condemnation. Oh how ironic when it is they who profess to stand for equality and progressive thinking.

And don't even get me started with the sociopathic tenancies of the conservative, by its very definition "against progress" mind. And seriously, don't even mention modern feminists and their bastardized sentimental broken-ego two-faced inferiority/victim complex, pity card playing bullshit. Same goes for all the other well established niche ignorants of America, from the despot to the false martyr rioters.

Back to the original example: " careful what you say. Or an employer might see it."

This both suggests that I will someday have a boss, and that I will someday need to suck up and make compromises to please said boss, and that I'm actually actively seeking a boss. I am not a slave. I do not make compromises. No one should, especially those capable of abstract thinking past their own ass. Worse still, it somehow suggests that I actually care if I have a boss, or that I am somehow incapable of myself becoming the boss and subverting this stupid fucking system you all so eagerly rush to join because "that's how it works".

Keep your eyes down, slave, lest you get the whip.

This subjective example is not meant to be the topic of my medicated (Read also I smoked a ton of weed tonight and I'm neither ashamed nor afraid to say it) rantings, but to highlight in anecdote the absolute absurdity of the fearful, apathetic, ignorant mindset.

Monkey see, Monkey do. The Blind Sheppard will condemn any thought contrary to the majority's—a result of years upon years of spirit breaking "education" designed to create a generation of fearful, docile, unopinionated automatons. Unabashed, the Blind Sheppard will stand firm that they are correct in their ways, based solely on the words of others, equally guilty of cognitive indolence.

"The strange phenomenon of the opposition to Anarchism is that it brings to light the relation between so-called intelligence and ignorance. And yet this is not so very strange when we consider the relativity of all things. The ignorant mass has in its favor that it makes no pretense of knowledge or tolerance. Acting, as it always does, by mere impulse, its reasons are like those of a child. “Why?” “Because.” Yet the opposition of the uneducated to Anarchism deserves the same consideration as that of the intelligent man." – Still Emma Goldman, 1910.

If the talking points of the "news" or of the political left or right tells The Sheppard (Who does not know he is a sheep) to think one way (looking at you Kyle) they will follow that sentiment as if it is doctrine. And to speak ill invites failure. Superstition. In this capacity, remaining silence puts us on the same plane as those living in servitude in The Dark Ages.

The Sheep of America have become so complacent, the degradation of freethinking so absolute that many will view this publication as taboo. Somehow, by speaking my mind and questioning the status quo, I (in their minds) fall into a category of fanatical zealotry.

Rather than try to understand, The Blind Sheppards of America will condemn me until the day those like me rise up and usurp them... Probably no time soon. We're vastly out numbered. And that my friends, is possibly the greatest tragedy of all. The futility. But you know what? I'm still going to fucking try.

P.S — Please stop equating "legal" with "moral/good" or "Arrested" with "Criminal" and "illegal" with "Logical and Just". Fuck the god damn cops. Fuck the god damn laws. Fuck the god damn system. Do whatever the fuck you want as long as you aren't a burden on others.

P.P.S I made more money today WITHOUT A BOSS than any other day of my life and all I did was write some sci-fi short stories, edit a few chapters, drive around and take some pictures, and trade off a small stock of bit-coin. Suck shit haters. Enjoy your slave wages and servitude.

So I here I am shit talking fully 90% of Americans, and some "minorities". Does this make me a bad person? Are you offended? Is it fair to be offended? The answers to these questions are as follows.

1. No. Go fuck yourselves.

2. Good. You're a pussy. Grow up and learn to fucking think.

3. I don't think you know what that word means or even why you should feel offended, even if you are feeling that way.

[6.5] Louder verbs

I wounder if sound at the exact same amplitude (loudness) would sound softer or louder (how come there is no opposite of louder?) based on frequency, specifically if the frequency was stretched so long you lost bits. Also, what if you "strobed" (interesting i have to add "like a light" in order to make you have synesthesia to imagine what I am trying to describe but we are missing a word for this. There is no word that means "imagine a break in sound like a strobe" but there "Pause" but pause is a very general modifier or verb to apply to a thought. That's kinda crazy that thoughts get modified by verbs, like the picture we're forming gets modified. So anyway, if sound paused like a strobe light on and off, would it sound softer or louder.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Imagine better

Imagine if I told you that the government invented a pill. This pill makes you smile when you are sad. It makes you laugh when you're already happy. It makes you outgoing and creative and makes things feel warm. There is no way to overdose on this pill. You can take 6 or 50 and you won't die. It doesn't cause cancer or kill your liver, and in fact, it's been proven to help prevent cancer and even treat it. This pill makes funny things hilarious and hilarious things that much greater. Art is appreciated and you can't be angry. You want to hold hands or dance. The only side effect is, it makes thinking a little bit more difficult, but way less so than something like Xanax. Did I mention it does the same thing Xanax does AND concerta/adderal?

Well, the government didn't invent that pill, nature did. The govenhey out lawed it.


I think I talk over people because I'm so eager to prove myself to the world. When I have nothing left to prove, I think I'll listen.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Don't be greedy

Disclaimer: I'm really fucking high. this stuff has me spun deeper than the last 2 acid trips I took....
There is NO REASON to be mean at all EVER but to help yourself at the forced expense of others. The purpose of life is to help fellow man. Not yourself. Duh. That doesn't mean to suggest you should neglect yourself, or do so much burdensome harm to your own happiness and stuff that it just isn't worth it.
That is indisputable.
Why be a shitty person? Sometimes, most of us are a bit selfish. And we should work on that. Yet another reason why greed is the worst thing ever.
In the all is one endless cosmic scale (dimensions or thought manifestations I could never hope to put in your mind despite any use of profound metaphors (usually things that short cut trying to describe emotion) trying to throw that balance out of whack is just awful and will not work. It is better to co-operate. If every man all co-operated for the better of fellow man, the world reach nirvana.
Everyone sitting and holding hands is actually a very powerful image, but it sends a message. I feel like often I think in 2D and miss out on the 3rd and 4th dimension (emotional stuff outside the realm of physics, not bound by the realms of the this reality [or shares limited rules to exist within those overlapping systems]) but at the same time, spilling hairs over what is endless and what is not is pointless because it is implicitly endless. All is one.
Life is not like a latter to heaven. Rather, I believe it to be more like stepping stones in a cool deep blue river, with shimmer white crests washing over in waves from an endless ocean. Standing beside us is an equally endless body of cosmic beings and they are traveling towards somewhere. I don't know where, it is beyond the horizon of the endless journey. Perhaps there are other parts of this journey I cannot visualize, but the point is...If you try to sabotage the other spiritual beings, or hamper yourself so much you fall behind (help a bit) you're doing it wrong. A balance is needed between everything because everything is one.
I don't like greed. I want to move to the forest :(
Being overly selfless vs overly selfish is in need of balance. Everyone can find that balance, but they need to listen to their conscience. Some people's are out of whack--and people with the bigger ones are trying to help the little guy (who doesn't even realize he's the little guy for being such a miserable power hungry fuck) and so you end up with a bunch of really sad people on both ends and the great disrepair results because the little guy isn't willing to break through his morality and kill for it because that would be shitty. and so nothing changes because we all just keep lying to ourselves saying it'll get better...they'll learn...or if we do kill them, we'll be shitty and maybe we can try to be happy for now...
I think maybe we might need a revolution guys.
There is something very romantic about the sword....Like battles and making things personal, upclose and emotional. what you're fighting for had to mean something (or you were a slave--but that's shitty and doesn't count). these days, you can just pull the trigger. It's not the same. :( war is not the same.
Guns, when used as weapons against man, are generally inherently evil--but not an evil we should try to prevent from being used in proper capacity like hunting or self defense. It is simply a neutral construct of existence). Think about it. If EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT we wouldn't need guns. We would sit and be peaceful. We would respect animals and nature and not take too much and only celebrate once in a blue moon with meat and stuff. I think more people should be vegetarians. I don't think they should burden themselves to be pretentious about it or follow it like a cult religion, I just mean try to eat more natural.
I'm not talking about anti-GMO, I promote science and facts, but I'm talking about supporting eating broccoli and not tuna because tuna aren't unlimited, same thing with salmon. You guys see what I'm saying? If you don't knee jerk just remember I'm not playing the extreme here. You can enjoy guns and you can enjoy the fish...but you should be mindful of the respect behind it and you should go out of your way to adjust your life accordingly as to not take too much. Everything in life feels so superficial as a shield from the primal instincts of man. We are so scared not to be "civilized" yet our definition of civilized is a total perversion of what it should be. We are enslaved...we are not "civilized" we are domesticated. Why? Why the fuck is this. I think I want to move into the forest.
(This is the smoothest weed I have ever smoked--I don't mean the high, I mean physically the plant, I don't even feel like I'm smoking it it's so freaking smooth. Can anyone explain that phenomena to me?)
edit: It's been 3 hours, back down to a 2 or 1.
I find it funny that people often bold / emphasis their text when writing on the word before the one that matters...for example
"I STRONGLY recommend that you . . . ."
See it should be "I strong RECOMMEND that you . . . "
or "It is MUCH safer to . . ."
"It is much SAFER to . . . "