Monday, September 29, 2014

Hippy vs Hipster (I'm sure someone has already blogged about this but I don't really care I'm more creative)

Hipsters want odd jobs, I don't want any. Hipsters wear stupid beards, hippies just don't shave. Hipsters wear fucktarded thrift clothing purposely 100 years out of style. Hippies wear whatever comfortable rags they have laying around because fuck you why not.
Come on guys, huge difference.
I am a political hippy.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

:3 published yo

1.27 UK :) :) :)

That's a full kindle sale and one guy who didn't pay (I have no idea how it works but I guess they didn't finish it--I'm not even mad, that means they FOUND IT).

Canada, get on Skype and keep me motivated D: I am not self motivating even when presented with money :<

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thanks Obama.

Getting really sick of farce interviews. Thanks Obama. Nowhere will give more than 20-24 hours of work [per week] these days (because they'd have to pay benefit tier-3 because of Obama care--no blame there just a really shitty situation) and no one is ACTUALLY hiring; they're just interviewing people because they can claim tax breaks as "equal opportunity". It's garbage.

American economics 101. Thanks Canada, you tried. At least I had one interview. Farce interview.... God damn it.

Welcome to narco-capitalist America. Home of the oppressed and the complacent.

Monday, September 15, 2014


[2:53:40 AM] Canada: God why is it so hard to apply for jobs in USA
[2:54:14 AM] No One: fuuuuuuuuuuuck
[2:54:20 AM] No One: because we're a bunch of a faggots with too many people
[2:54:24 AM] No One: and the fucking rich people dont give a shit
[2:54:27 AM] No One: honestly thats why
[2:54:30 AM] No One: like you're born into it
[2:54:36 AM] No One: or you cheat and lie break the law
[2:54:42 AM] No One: and continue to do so
[2:54:46 AM] No One: look up the koch brothers
[2:54:56 AM] No One: you'll get a very good picture of why reagan trickle down shit never worked
[2:54:58 AM] No One: and never  fucking will
[2:55:07 AM] No One: anarcho capitalism is chronyism
[2:55:12 AM] No One: we live in a fucking oligarchy
[2:55:15 AM] No One: we are slave sto the wages
[2:55:24 AM] No One: thats why im writing erotica
[2:55:27 AM] No One: ill make my fuicking own job
[2:55:34 AM] No One: thank you very little. im too smart for the rest of this shit
[2:55:39 AM] No One: like "here is your change and coffee"
[2:55:40 AM] No One: nah
[2:55:41 AM] No One: fuck that
[2:56:38 AM] Canada: Im eating salted caramel icecream
[2:57:04 AM] No One: im eating shit
[2:57:08 AM] No One: like the rest of the american populous
[2:57:12 AM] No One: because this country is destroyed
[2:57:15 AM] No One: bloated and about to collapse
[2:57:17 AM] No One: and we all know it
[2:57:20 AM] No One: especially my generaetion
[2:57:22 AM] No One: and we can't stop it
[2:57:25 AM] No One: we drove off the cliff years ago
[2:57:27 AM] No One: we're fucked
[2:58:56 AM] Canada: Guess we better get married and you can get canadian citizenship, although im not sure we are that much better
[2:59:03 AM] No One: can we :(?
[2:59:09 AM] No One: ill write a ton of erotica
[2:59:15 AM] No One: we could actually get married
[2:59:20 AM] No One: but then when i grow up and you dont
[2:59:21 AM] No One: itll be a problem
[2:59:26 AM] No One: and we'll hate each other by 40
[2:59:30 AM] No One: :)
[2:59:37 AM] No One: itll be a very nasty divorse
[2:59:41 AM] No One: youll threaten to kill yourself
[2:59:43 AM] No One: you might try
[2:59:47 AM] No One: then youll steal the car
[2:59:50 AM] No One: and probably crash drunk
[2:59:54 AM] No One: i dont think we should get married

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Systemic dichotamy of ironic tragedy and mispelled words

[11:07:29 PM] Canada: i think we would be good roomates, we could just do so many drugsssss and occasionally fuck and just troll people on the internet and basically be  complete deadbeats
[11:09:10 PM] No One: we would
[11:09:13 PM] No One: we really would
[11:09:21 PM] No One: thus is the tragedy of the internet
[11:09:26 PM] No One: because now we know each other
[11:09:27 PM] No One: so its a tragedy

my life as of setember

It's like I'm in a car pretending I'm a train going straight. Eventually, there will be a cliff and I doubt I'll turn until I'm over it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


[1:50:26 AM] No One: go be productive!@
[1:50:41 AM] probablynotrachel: I am!
[1:51:35 AM] No One: NO YOU ARE NOT

Monday, August 18, 2014

banks pls

[9:33:00 PM] No One: Word. I just went to hte bank today and took out all my money. The woman must have remembered me or something from what i bitched her out (this whole story tl;dr she asked me "[my real addrerss and SS ending in [my ####]"
[9:33:18 PM] No One: I was like "That's right and in the future I'd prefer if you let me divulge that information instead of just pubically telling the line my identifying information...
[9:33:33 PM] No One: she must have got bitched out hard (I basically said it to her boss who was over her shoulder like eye contact with the boss)
[9:33:56 PM] No One: So i went to close my account and she was SOOOO friendly (she's never friendly) and DIDNT EVEN FUCKING ID ME and handed me a check for all my money and 400 in cash
[9:34:45 PM] No One: all i had to do was swipe my bank card (she didnt even look at it) and I DIDNT EVEN NEED THE PIN!! So my guess is she remembered me...because any sane person would be like "why dont you have the pin..." which she did but my answer of "I was here a few days ago to reset it but my mom reminded me I shouldn't bother i should just get a move on!"
[9:35:02 PM] No One: Idk tl;dr I closed 2 bank accounts and got over 5k and 400 in cash without any quesitons or ID -.-
[9:35:09 PM] No One: Like good thing I'm done with that bank

Been posting a lot about apathy and agony/irony lately. Figured I'd go for ADHD today

Someone asked me what my ADHD is like. Here is what I believe is the perfect answer. This is what I said.

"It's not like psychosis. I'm perfectly well sane and I can function. However, it's like someone tapping you on the should ever few minutes or sometimes seconds screaming 'DUDE! DUDE CHECK THIS OUT! LOOK!' and you scream 'WHAT!!!!' and go check what it is, and they just mumble 'oh..never mind, go back to whatever it is you were do...hey did you see that?'"

oh also the grocery store check out girl is really cute and I need to go flirt with her. She seems like a brooding little misanthrope and I love that xD